How Do I Become A Professional Hunter

"How do I become a professional hunter?" That is a question a lot of outdoor folks often wondering. But if you love the great outdoors and have a passion for wildlife, then you might want to consider becoming a professional hunter. While becoming a professional hunter may seem difficult, it is actually easier than you think. This step by step guide will put you on the way of becoming a professional hunter.

  1. Determining whether or not this is truly what you want to do. Almost all professional hunters begin with a recreational purpose in mind. People think that there might not be a huge difference between professional and recreational hunting, but in fact there is a huge difference. You should talk to a professional hunter if you are considering becoming one of them.
  2. Pick your area of interest. Becoming a professional hunter means you have to pick your specific area. You have to determine whether you would prefer hunting big game, small game, water fowl, or upland birds.
  3. Getting a professional education and building an impressive resume are the keys. Becoming a professional hunter is not that different from becoming a professional in any other field. You have to go through specialized training, and building up your resume throughout your professional career. The training will differ depending on the area of your interest. For example, if you are interested in becoming a deer guide, then you might consider the Colorado Outdoor Adventure Guide School (COAGS).
  4. Getting a professional hunting job. Finding a professional hunting job may be one of the most difficult things to do at the beginning. Like finding other jobs, you need contacts and experiences. Luckily, if you went through a professional school, you should have a little of both. There are a lot of jobs with the certain government agencies, like the United States Fish and Wildlife Services (USFWS).


  • Do not restrict yourself into a specific area of specialty. If you have diverse background, then you can find many jobs in a variety of areas.
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