How Do I Bleach Colored Jeans?

If you have dirty jeans or you want to lighten your pants, you have likely asked yourself, "How do I bleach colored jeans?" The answer lies in whether you want to merely clean your jeans or you want to lighten the color. The practice of bleaching jeans is very different in each of these cases.

To bleach colored jeans, you will need:

  • Bleach
  • Color-safe bleach
  • Water
  • Eye protection
  1. Use regular bleach to clean your jeans and change their color. Bleach is easy to find, inexpensive and effective at lightening the color of a pair of colored jeans. When you bleach colored jeans, dilute the bleach with water, using about nine parts of water to every one part of bleach. Use eye protection if there is any chance of your bleach splashing into your eyes. 
  2. Use color-safe bleach if you want to clean your pants but you don't want to change the color. To bleach colored jeans with color-safe bleach, use the same dilution range, and use eye protection if necessary. Color-safe bleach will clean stains without taking out the color of the jeans.
  3. Use your clothes washer to bleach colored jeans, or soak them in diluted bleach in a bucket, bathtub or other deep container. If you are not using a clothes washer, bleach colored jeans by stirring the jeans around in the water and bleach mixture. Allow them to soak for half an hour before taking them out and rinsing them in water. Rinse them until you no longer smell bleach on them.
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