How Do I Change Deck Gun Ammo On Silent Hunter 3?

"How do I change the deck gun ammo in Silent Hunter 3?" This is a question often asked by players of Ubisoft's submarine warfare simulator. "Silent Hunter 3" puts you directly in the swastika-stamped boots of a German U-Boat commander during the second world war. Unlike previous games that gave you static objectives that played out the same each time you loaded the program, "Silent Hunter 3" had a dynamic mission system that randomly generated enemies and objectives as you patrol your assigned ocean route. "Silent Hunter 3" also gives you the opportunity to play out ten historically-based single-player missions such as the saving of the Bismarck. Or you could just sail around and blow up anything that looks remotely like a ship. Ubisoft's intention was to leave much of the decisions up to the player in order to increase the immersion of the game. 

That's nice and all, but it still doesn't answer the pressing question of how, exactly, does one change the deck gun ammo on "Silent Hunter 3." Granted, this question could be easily answered by looking it up in the manual, but hey; here you are on the Internet, and the manual's twenty feet away under a pile of old pizza boxes. So let's do this thing.

  1. Take Control of the Deck Gun. Apparently your crew has spent too much time breathing recycled air, because they are incapable of changing the deck gun ammo on their own. The only way to change the ammo type on your deck gun in "Silent Hunter 3" is to take control of the thing yourself. Do this by moving your mouse towards the left-hand side of the game screen until the selection menu pops up. When the menu appears, select the "Deck Gun" option. 

  2. Decide which type of ammo you want. Just like in real life, you can't use something you don't have. Examine the ammo indicator in the lower-right corner of the game screen while in the deck gun view. This indicator will tell you what types of ammunition you have, and how much of each you have stockpiled.

  3. Select your desired ammo type. Selecting the desired ammo type is simple, which only provides further evidence that your crew members aren't the sharpest bayonets in the barracks. Simply move the mouse cursor over which ammo type you want to use in the deck gun, then click the left mouse button to select it and load a new round in the gun. 

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