How Do I Convince My Girlfriend To Gain Weight?

Do you need an answer to the question "how do I convince my girlfriend to gain weight?" If you do, here is some common sense advice to help you.

  1. Start by telling her that you love and care about her. If your girlfriend knows how much you care about her, she is more apt to pay attention to what you say about gaining weight.
  2. Tell her that it isn’t healthy to be too skinny. Explain that there are risk factors that come along with being too skinny, and let her know it is healthy to gain the proper amount of weight.
  3. Tell her that you enjoy eating with her. Talk about how much fun it is to go on dates and actually watch her enjoying the food she eats as you do. Talk about some past dates you had where food was involved.
  4. Tell her that you do not like super thin women. Explain to her that super thin women are not sexy to you. Tell her that when you see a super thin woman all you see is bones and think how much they need to gain weight.
  5. Tell her that it is more enjoyable for a man to have sex with women who have some curves. Tell her that you enjoy women with breasts, hips, thighs, etc. If she is too skinny she will lose these aspects of her body and you will not have anything to hold on to or caress as you are making love to her.
  6. Ask to get on the scales and actually look at them. Then suggest she ask her doctor if the number is a healthy one. This should indicate whether she needs to gain weight.
  7. When she is looking at magazines, tell her that those women do not do a thing for you. Also remind her that many of those pictures are airbrushed.
  8. Tell her that you heard that women who are underweight will age quicker. When you are out in public, discreetly point out thin older women to her and point out the wrinkles on their faces. 
  9. Begin buying more of the foods she loves. Sometimes you just need to tempt a person to eat.
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