How Do I Customize My Page On Black Planet Com

Want to pimp up your webpage and know how do I customize my page on Follow the simple steps below on how to customize you page, and you will be well on your way to having a stunning, customized page!

  1. Create your account. From the home page, you can create your account by entering your email address, preferred member name (remember – this is the name that will be displayed to other members), creating a password, and entering a little information about yourself.
  2. Upload a profile pic. Upload your sexiest picture by browsing your computer and finding the location of your favorite photo.  
  3. Jazz up your profile picture. Check out these sites below to customize your profile picture: or NOTE: If you already have an account and want to change your picture, go to MY PAGE > EDIT PROFILE and select CHANGE YOUR MAIN PHOTO
  4. Customize your page. From the homepage, scroll over the 'My Page' tab, then scroll down to 'Edit Profile'
  5. Change page layout. Click on 'Change Style' to select your favorite style from the many options they have to choose from.
  6. Change background. Select your background by either choosing a color or clicking 'Add Photo' and choose a customized photo saved from your computer. To create your own customized background, try: or
  7. Change your Widget background color. Click the color link and select your favorite color that goes well with your layout.
  8. Preview your page. Click 'Preview' to see if you like what you have customized so far. If you are not satisfied, repeat the steps above until you have a page you love!
  9. Save change. Don't lose your information! Click save changes, so you won't have to redo everything next time you login.
  10. Edit content. Move over to the 'Edit Content' tab and fill in all the information you would like people to know about YOU!
  11. Arrange your page. Go to the 'Arrange Your Page' tab to organize your widgets. Drag and drop different boxes in columns A, B, and C to choose what you want people to see and where you want it located on your page.  If you don’t want something displayed on your page, drag and drop it to the “Unused Widget” box.
  12. Update privacy settings. Don't forget to update your privacy settings. This way you don’t have unwanted visitors to your page that will have access to any information you put on there.

Tired of your style? Customize your page again and freshen it up with the new styles added all the time on! If you don’t remember how to customize your page, bookmark this page so you have simple, step-by-step directions on how to do so! Good luck!

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