How Do I Disable Text On The Nokia Tracfone?

If you are tired of getting charged every time your phone beeps, you probably want to know how do you disable text on the Nokia Tracfone.  As most Nokia Tracfone users know, you get charged for incoming and outgoing text messages.  Disabling those text messages is very important if you don't want to run down your balance in a long texting session with your girlfriend.  The problem with disabling text messages on a Nokia Tracfone is you simply can't.  However, there are things you can do in lieu of disabling text on your Nokia Tracfone to save your airtime balance.

  1. Since you can't disable text on the Nokia Tracfone, you can reach out to your friends and family.  By asking your friends and family not to text you on your Nokia Tracfone, you can avoid losing time on your phone every time your friends send out a forward.  Sure, you will have the occasional jerk that wants to send you a text message on your Nokia Tracfone, but not enough to make a big difference to your balance.
  2. Another method you can try in lieu of disabling text on the Nokia Tracfone, you can stop texting people.  Even though we realize that it is very hard to resist texting your best buddy that you just saw his mom in a liplock with your high school coach, you have to restrain yourself.  Not texting everyone in your contacts will save you from the deduction from your balance.

The Nokia Tracfone is a great phone that provides you with a cell phone without any commitment.  With a little self-restraint and good friends, you can save your airtime balance without disabling texting on your Nokia Tracfone.

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