How Do I Download SMS On A BlackBerry 7750?

If you are new to the BlackBerry world, you may find yourself asking, "How Do I Download SMS On A BlackBerry 7750?". Blackberries are much more than just cellular phones, they are portable computers and it is often easy to forget that they do automatically perform most cellphone functions on their own. The BlackBerry 7750 will automatically receive SMS text messages and download them to the phone. Once the SMS is downloaded onto the phone, you are notified and able to view the SMS on the Blackberry 7750.

  1. Power on the BlackBerry 7750.  Leave the BlackBerry 7750 turned on.  You will automatically receive and download SMS  on a BlackBerry 7750 when it is powered on and connect to a wireless network.
  2. Open SMS Messages on BlackBerry 7750. Select "Messages" from the Menu.  Highlight "SMS" and press the trackball.
  3. Select a particular message to open it. The messages listed are already downloaded on your BlackBerry 7750.  You can select any particular message with the trackball to view it on your BlackBerry 7750.

Additional Information:

  • Messages are automatically downloaded to the BlackBerry 7750 when it is powered on and connected to a cellular network.
  • Upon reconnecting to a cellular network after loosing service, the network will download SMS on a  BlackBerry 7750. Any messages received while the phone was out of service will automatically download.
  • Upon power-up after the BlackBerry 7750 will automatically download any messages that were received while it was powered down.
  • There is no need nor method to manually download SMS on the BlackBerry 7750, the entire process happens automatically.
  • The SMS messaging application is installed on the BlackBerry 7750 by default and cannot be uninstalled.



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