How Do I Find A Bi Girlfriend

How many of you guys have asked yourselves, “How do I find a bi girlfriend?” Right, all of you. Well for those who have not yet found the answer to that question, here are a few obvious answers that question that may help you find a bi girlfriend.


  1. Visit a lesbian bar – Now it’s pretty obvious that the chicks in lesbian bars are down with the ladies as much as you are, duh. And there’s chance that some of them like guys too. So your chances of being able to find a bi girlfriend there are about as good as they are of finding a straight girl in any other bar. But at a lesbian bar, at least you know these chicks dig chicks so even if you bomb you can go home with some “imaginative thoughts” at bed time.
  2. A Gay Parade – There’s a pretty good chance of finding a bi girlfriend at a gay parade too. Gay parades are known to be celebrated by supporters of all sexual orientations. You can find a bi girlfriend, a gay boyfriend, transsexual one night stand, or even a good old fashioned heterosexual hand job at these event. I love a parade!
  3. Strip Club Services – Now this is a kind of sneaky way to find a bi girlfriend, but it cuts right to the chase. Arrange a male bachelor party type of event. Invite your male friends and any platonic bi girlfriends or straight open minded ladies that you know. Hire as many private exotic dancers as you can afford making sure that they feature “girl on girl” performances. You are bound to find a bi girlfriend or at least have a damn good time looking for one!


In today’s society being able to find a bi girlfriend isn’t that hard of a task. In fact it’s better to find a bi girlfriend than a straight one because there’s bound to be threesome down line in store for you. Bi one get one free!

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