How Do I Fully Upgrade All Weapons In Bioshock

Learn how to fully upgrade all your weapons in BioShock to successfully blast your way through the hostile underwater environment. As the game progresses and enemies get more difficult, having a more accurate machine gun or a faster shotgun can be the difference between victory and a creepy, watery grave. In order to fully upgrade all six of your weapons, you need to find all twelve of the "Power to the People" stations that are scattered around Rapture. Some of them can be pretty difficult to find though, and you always want to make sure that when you do find one you are upgrading the weapons you use the most or are most comfortable with. Upgrading the grenade launcher in the very beginning might not be the best idea, but a powerful shotgun or crossbow is always helpful. Every weapon has an upgrade that causes more damage, and an upgrade that does something unique to the weapon, such as making the spray of the chemical gun larger or turning off friendly fire for the grenade launcher. What you decide to upgrade is up to you!

  1. Neptune's Bounty. After going through Fontaine Fisheries, near where you were asked for three Spider Splicer pictures, you should go down the stairs from the second floor and you will see the machine right in front of you.
  2. Arcadia. When going to the Farmer's Market it will be on the left in the tree farm.
  3. Farmer's Market. Go down the stairs from the top floor to the very bottom floor in the winery cellar, and keep going straight once you are at the bottom. It will be directly in front of you in the water. You are now a third of the way to upgrading all BioShock's weapons!
  4. Fort Frolic. There are two here, one is in the Cocktail Lounge. Go straight from the Circus of Values machine and make a right towards the gene bank. Then go left, right, left, right, and down the stairs. Take a right at the U-Invent machine and another quick left and you will see the machine. The other is in Sinclair Spirits. after entering turn left and open the door behind the water, the machine is right down stairs. After activating it you will be in for a hell of a fight though, so watch out.
  5. Hephaestrus. There is one in the core and in the office, both are in plain sight when you enter either of those areas. You are more than halfway to having fully upgraded weapons!
  6. Olympus Heights. In the Mercury Suites main square right across from the elevator's doors is the first one, while the second is in Sander Cohen's apartment. You have to let Cohen live in Fort Frolic to get in here.
  7. Apollo Square. Get to the fourth floor by going to the top of the staircase, enter the room on the right, Atlas' headquarters, and there will be a machine in the second room.
  8. Point Prometheus. In the atrium, the machine is right next to the dead Big Daddy to the south. The last machine is in Optimized Eugenics and is right next to the gene bank. Congrats! You have fully upgraded every weapon in the already classic BioShock! Now wreak some havoc!
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