How Do I Get A Job With Axia College?

If you are thinking about how to get a job at Axia College, there are few things you will need to consider. Getting a job at Axia College can be easy with the right attitude and tools. Be determined and keep your eye on the prize when trying to get a job at Axia College.

  1. Be familiar with the institution. Axia College is a division of the University of Phoenix. They are constantly hiring instructors to teach online classes. Instructor position are part-time and are considered to be great for supplemental income. There are 15 courses of study at Axia College, including psychology, nutrition, business, and criminal justice.
  2. Obtain a master's or doctoral degree. Have a degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution. Having a degree is essential to being a candidate for employment. Some courses may require you to have actual hands-on experience to accompany your degree. One thing is for sure. With a degree, you are a taking a step toward getting a job with Axia College.
  3. Apply for a position.  You can apply for an instructor's position anytime throughout the year. Axia College starts new classes almost every week. To apply for a position you will need to visit the website and complete an application. At this time you will also be asked some specific questions to make sure you meet the requirements for the position you want to apply for.
  4. Be available. You must be available at least 15-25 hours out of the week to teach your course. Keep in mind that you will also need time go over your teaching plan and grade assignments. When looking to work with Axia College you will need to keep yourself available for certification as well. Certification to teach online classes is five days a week for four weeks. This certification is free and needs to be completed before you can start a position.
  5. Stay focused. It is important to take work seriously, even though you may be working from home. To sustain a position you will need to be reliable. Axia College will expect you to be able to attend every session as an instructor. If you are not dependable it can ruin the reputation of Axia College and the University of Phoenix. With the right attitude, you can get a job with Axia College and keep it.


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