How Do I Get The Lightsaber Lens In KOTOR 2?

“How do I get the lightsaber lens in KOTOR 2?” is a common question for players who are eager to trade a blaster or vibrosword for a more powerful weapon. The focusing lens is the final piece needed to build a lightsaber after you get the energy cell fixture from Chodo on Telos, the emitter fixture from Visas and a color crystal. Once you have these, take your tech specialist Bao-Dur up on his offer to make a lightsaber for you.

  1. Head to Dantooine. KOTOR 2 has you go back to the site of the former Jedi Academy from the first game. Go through the Kinrath Cave to load up on crystals, including a color crystal and a special one with your Exile character’s name. You’ll need to destroy all the kinrath and their matriarch in the back part of the cave before you can safely collect these. Afterwards, head to the Enclave Sublevel of the Jedi Academy ruins. You’ll encounter a salvager named Jorran in a locked room. If you’re going dark side, kill him and loot his body for the lightsaber focusing lens. If you’re a lightsider, let him go then visit him in the Salvager’s Camp later on. You’ll have to give him 1,000 credits for the lens. This isn't too much of a hardship since KOTOR 2 gives you plenty of chances to earn more credits.
  2. Fly to Dxun. KOTOR 2 provides you with plenty of opportunities to stock up on an impressive array of items while looking for your lightsaber lens part, especially on the rainy jungle planet Dxun. Destroy and loot every creature in sight, especially the scavenging Cannoks. In addition to XP and an odd assortment of goodies, you’ll eventually get the color crystal and focusing lens for your lightsaber. Since KOTOR 2 uses a random loot generator, there isn't a specific creature to target. Just keep killing and looting.
  3. Visit Nar Shaddaa. You'll get to explore the Hutt's beloved planet in KOTOR 2. In the main area, head over to Geeda the Rodian or Oondar the Duros. You can buy a color crystal from either one of these merchants. Head to the Docks area, go into Stealth mode and listen to the NPCs in the room across from the doorway talk about the effects of Juma Juice on Vogga the Hutt’s kath hounds. Head to the Cantina and buy Juma Juice from the bartender. Talk to Doma the Twi’lek and offer to dance for Vogga if your Exile is female. If your Exile is male, bring Mira or Handmaiden with you and volunteer one of them. Visit Vogga in the Docks area and dance until he falls asleep. Put the juice in the kath hounds’ dish then open the locked door to get the focusing lens for your lightsaber from the metal box. If you have all the other parts, you can have Bao-Dur build your first KOTOR 2 lightsaber.
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