How Do I Get A Surfer Body?

How to get a surfers body? Well, if you ask any real surfer, they will reply with one word: SURF. But what about for all of you in the middle of the country without sight of an ocean? Or our Canadian brothers in the cold north? 

Well, that’s why you have the Internet, and Made Man. Here’s a few pointers that will get you that totally radical bod.

  1. Cardio– Swim daily, if available. Swimming mimics the muscles used while surfing. If you are unable to find a pool, any cardio is beneficial. This includes running, cycling, kickboxing, or anything to get the heart pumping.
  2. Abs/Core– Bicycle Kicks are an abs workout that focuses on your entire core, ripping it up from side to side. If you have access to a Captains Chair there are many variations of ab exercises that can be cone on this. An ab ball is another great variation to the core workout.
  3. Upper Body Workouts– Overhead presses are great compound exercise to obtain those distinct surfer shoulders. Pull-ups are a great way to work your lats, which are the side muscles above your obloquies. Pull-ups are also an easy way get your biceps and forearms in shape.
  4. Squats– For anyone looking to get in shape, squatting should be a staple of your regimen. Surfers need these muscles to pop up on their boards. This will get your entire back looking great, and make those chicken legs into tree trunks.

Additional Suggestions:

  • When in the gym, always go with higher reps and lower weight (this all depends on your weight/strength). Go in and feel what’s comfortable, then gradually add weight each session by 5. Hit the gym every other day.
  • Your diet must be lean, but with plenty of protein. This means lean chicken, beef, nuts, certain fish, and low fat milk. Cottage cheese is also great.
  • With this look you’re going for lean and not bulk. Pretty soon you’ll look like you shred the gnar, even if you live in Iowa!
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