How Do I Give A Girl Signs I Like Her?

An age old question that all guys probably ask at one point or another is, “How do I give a girl signs I like her?” Letting a girl know that you like her is easier said than done. Girls are already intimidating to start off with. Add in the fear of rejection, as well as concern about what to say and how to approach it, and it’s no wonder guys get so nervous.

  1. Confidence is key. No matter how much you may like a girl, that won't matter if you can't manage to have some confidence in yourself. No girl is going to go for a guy that doesn't seem to have any self confidence. Their whole thought process with that is along the lines of, why should they believe in anything you say if you can't even believe in yourself?
  2. Make an actual effort to get to know her. Not all girls really care for the up-front, forward approach. If the girl you like is in your cell phone address book, then talk to her. Text her on a regular basis, and get to know her. Ask her questions about herself, find out what interests her. When you do decide to ask her out, she'll appreciate that you got to know her beforehand.
  3. Playing games is not appreciated. Don't try to get clever and play games with her. The only outcome of this will be that she gets frustrated and decides you're more trouble than you're worth. While it may be healthy to take a break from initiating conversation some days, it isn't recommended to suddenly ignore her for days on end. While she will spend most of that time thinking about you, they won't be positive thoughts.
  4. Be nice to her. You aren't in elementary school. The days of letting a girl know you like her by kicking her are long gone. Compliment her when she looks pretty. Open doors for her. Ask her leading questions about her.
  5. Music opens doors. If she's into music, make her a CD with songs that remind you of her. She'll know you like her after that. Just try to keep from making the entire CD an anthem of being lovesick, because that might scare her a little.
  6. Just tell her. If you still aren't sure that she knows you like her, then just tell her. Ask her out on a nice little date, like going out for coffee. There's really nothing that girls like more than honesty. 
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