How Do I Heal A Sprained Rotator Cuff?

If you've overexerted or been injured in the shoulder area and have pain, you may be wondering "how do I heal a sprained rotator cuff?" The rotator cuff is located in the shoulder. When the rotator cuff is injured from a sprain or strain, the tendons can become torn or inflammed. This can be extremely painful with symptoms that can include limited range of motion, weakness of the shoulder muscles, and difficulty lifting something over the head.

To heal a sprained rotator cuff, you will need:

  • Rest
  • Ice packs
  • Doctor visit
  • Massage
  • Physical therapy
  1. Let the rotator cuff rest. To begin to heal a sprained rotator cuff, let your shoulder rest. The ligaments that are torn or otherwise damaged need to be rested and not used. When possible, do not use the shoulder for heavy lifting or in sports that could cause additional damage to the sprained rotator cuff.
  2. Apply ice packs. To help ease inflammation, use ice packs on the painful sprained rotator cuff. The ice can help reduce swelling to let the rotator cuff heal.
  3. See a doctor. If the sprained rotator cuff is painful for an extended period of time, visit your doctor to have it examined. The doctor can tell if the sprain is more serious and needs additional help.
  4. Get a massage. Massage of the rotator cuff area can ease muscle tension and reduce stiffness.
  5. Get physical therapy. If a doctor orders it, physical therapy can help ease the pain of a sprained rotator cuff, improve movement, and keep permanent disability from occurring.
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