How Do I Know If My Girlfriend Is Bi?

A question that seems to puzzle many men is how do I know if my girlfriend is bi? A lot of women today seem to like it both ways, where you have those who are strictly male or female lovers. One could possibly try asking their girlfriend to get an answer, but be prepared for what her answer may be. You could look at it this way; you could have a lot to lose if you don’t swing that way, or you may have a lot to gain if she says yes and ask you to partake in an intimate session between her and friend. Are there any ways to tell if she is by without asking well you could take notice of a few of the things listed below.

  1. Take notice of how your girlfriend interacts with her friends. Does your girlfriend and her friends talk about their bodies with one another in front of you? Some bi women feel very comfortable examining one another’s body and flirting with each other out in public. They may laugh jokingly after doing it to throw you off about their real feelings for one another. This leaves you with just a little doubt about them. A lot of women do not flirt with other women and especially not in front of others unless there is a little curiosity there.
  2. Observe how your girlfriend is touching her friends. Have you ever seen your girlfriend rub her hands in a sexual way on her friend? She may seductively pull back her friends hair, or rub her back slightly above her buttocks. You may get a gut feeling something is not quite right. Usually, your gut instinct is correct your girlfriend may have bi tendencies.
  3. Listen to the comments your girlfriend make. What does your girlfriend say about other women when you are together. You may notice your girlfriend eyeing and talking about other women out in public or on television. She may be saying things that you are thinking but would never say to her, but to one of your guy friends.
  4. Take her to a place where there are tons of beautiful women and see how she reacts. If she gets excited and it really loves being there more than you, she definitely might be bi-sexual. But the best solution to finding out the answer to your question is to ask.
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