How Do I Open Fuel Door On Infiniti J30

New Infiniti owners may be wondering, "How do I open the fuel door on my Infiniti J30?" This is a common question because of the unique design of the fuel door on the Infiniti J30. Unlike many vehicles which have a manual release or no release at all, the Infiniti J30 has a power release. The power release on the Infiniti J30 is essentially a button which opens the fuel door. The feature is designed as a luxury and convenience feature on the Infiniti J30.

  1. Enter your Infiniti J30. Enter the vehicle from the driver's side door. Sit down in the driver's seat of the Infiniti J30. Look forward toward the steering wheel and gauge cluster. Notice that there is no switch to open the fuel door on the central dash console.
  2. Locate the fuel door release switch. Look for the switch to release the fuel door on the driver's side door to your right. It will be located towards the bottom, just above the storage compartment. To open the fuel door on the Infiniti J30, push this switch. The fuel door will automatically open. To close the fuel door, simply push it closed; the switch will not open the fuel door on your Infinity J30.

Never pry the fuel door open on your Infiniti J30; this could damage the motor for the fuel door. If the fuel door on your J30 refuses to open when you press the switch, consult a mechanic. The likely cause is either the fuel door motor or the switch has gone bad. The fuel door on the Infiniti J30 cannot be opened manually; the switch must be used to prevent damage to the motor in the fuel door system.

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