How Do I Open Up A Quartz Pocket Watch?

Are you wondering to yourself, "How do I open up a quartz pocket watch?" Check out the guide below if you wish to remove the case back from your quartz pocket watch. Most quartz pocket watches have a press fit case back, very similar to the press fit case back of a wrist watch, so opening it is a very similar proposition.

To open a quartz pocket watch, you will need:

  • A soft cloth
  • A watchmaker's case knife
  1. To open your quartz pocket watch, first lay the watch on the soft cloth. The soft cloth will protect the crystal of the watch while being worked on. It can be, for safety's sake, a good idea to hold the watch on the outside of the cloth with the cloth between your hand and the knife blade.
  2. Insert the case knife. Inspect the case of the watch and find the small slot or gap between the watch case and case back. Slip the edge of the watchmaker's case knife into the small slot or gap between the case back and the case.
  3. Twist the case knife blade. Twist the blade of the case knife in a manner similar to that of opening an oyster. Go very carefully and gently here, as slipping could possibly result in a cut or a scratch in the finish of your pocket watch. The case back should start to pop off.
  4. Work the blade around the watch. Work the case knife blade around the edge of the case back, slowly popping it free.

There, you have removed the case back. Take care when replacing the back not to scratch the case or case back.

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