How Do I Paint A Wall With Magnetic Paint?

Are you wondering to yourself, "How do I paint a wall with magnetic paint?" Good news! It's easy and the effect is pretty incredible once you've finished. With about 25 square feet covered per gallon and prices approaching $100 per gallon, it's not the cheapest wall covering. That said, if you have the money to coat a wall or a smaller area with paint, you can soon be sticking magnets all over the place! Fortunately, painting a wall with magnetic paint is very similar to painting a wall with normal paint. The optional components are designed to get you cleaner lines or to apply in a more defined space. So, let's get started!

To paint a wall with magnetic paint, you will need:

  • Magnetic paint (one gallon per 25 square feet)
  • Paint rollers
  • A roller pan
  • A drop cloth
  • Painter's tape (optional)
  • A plumb line (optional)
  • A level (optional)
  • A pencil (optional)
  • A paintbrush (optional)
  1. Mark your territory. If you're not painting an entire wall, you'll need to block around the area you're going to paint. Decide how big you want your wall section to be, and use your plumb line and level to outline your wall section. Use a pencil if you need, but the goal is to outline your space with painter's tape. You should end up with a rectangular section of outlined wall. If you're very creative, you can try other shapes.
  2. Protect the area. Lay down a drop cloth. The cheap, flimsy plastic drop cloths will work just fine if you're careful not to tear them. Just make sure your floor and expensive furniture are covered. There aren't many things more difficult to remove from carpet than magnetic paint. While you're at it, remember that painter's tape can stick firmly enough to pull off the old paint, so try to leave the tape on for as little time as possible.
  3. Paint, dry, paint, dry. Pour some magnetic paint into the roller pan, then use the paint roller to pick up some of the paint. Make sure to use the ribbed portion of the tray to squeeze off the excess paint to reduce splatter. Being careful to not go outside of any area you've blocked off with painter's tape, cover the entire area to be painted with an even coat. When finished, clean your brush and let the painted wall dry for a few hours. Repeat for another coat, then let dry one more time, this time for at least twelve hours or as indicated on the can.
  4. Switch colors. Once the metallic paint is dry, you can repeat the painting process with another color, if you so wish. You may need two coats again, but as soon as you're happy with the color and coverage, remove your painter's tape and use the paintbrush to get any corners previously covered by painter's tape. Let it dry, and you're done!
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