How Do I Play Homeworld On Gameranger?

If you’re wondering, “How do I play Homeworld on GameRanger?” then you’re in luck. Homeworld is now a game that is offered through GameRanger. Once you download the GameRanger program, you will be able to play games like Homeworld interactively online. Homeworld is a strategy game that is perfect for playing with multiple gamers.   

  1. Go to the GameRanger website and click the download option. On the screen, you will see a button on the right hand side. The button will say “Download GameRanger.” Click it to start the program download.
  2. Continue with the download. You may need to right click the bar that appears at the top of your browser and click “Download” file. Then, click “Install” and “Run.” The GameRanger program can take several minutes to install.
  3. Create your account. Before you can continue, GameRanger will require you to enter your email address and create a user account. Then, click the link on the activation email you receive to enter GameRanger.
  4. Download Homeworld. Before you can join or host a Homeworld game on GameRanger, you need to download it onto your computer. Choose a third party site and navigate to the “Homeworld” page. From there, you can click “Download” and install Homeworld onto your computer.
  5. Join or host a Homeworld game on GameRanger. Navigate to the “Games” page from the GameRanger website. There, you will see a list of games in progress. If Homeworld is being played, you can select “Join.”If a game is not already in progress, you click “Host Game” and start your own. Then, you can invite your friends to join in.
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