How Do I Put Ringtones On The Lg Rhythm

At this point, you are probably wondering how do I put ringtones on the LG Rhythm and make your phone more personalized. Sure, it's a great phone to have, but if you can't have all those perks that come with owning a LG Rhythm, you might as well not have the phone. Putting ringtones on the LG Rhythm is a fairly easy process that will make you the envy of all your friends in no time.

  1. To be fair to your mobile service provider, the easiest way to put ringtones on the LG Rhythm is to buy them from the carrier. Simply head to your carrier's website, find the ringtone you want and hit the purchase button. Once you purchased the ringtone for your LG Rhythm, you should receive a text message with a link to download your ringtone. Easy, right?
  2. If you are a cheap-o, then putting ringtones on your LG Rhythm can be a little more complicated. To put free ringtones on your LG Rhythm, head to an online search engine. Search for websites that feature free ringtones for the LG Rhythm. Many of these sites require you to register for an account, but that is okay. They are typically free. Once you have registered, to put ringtones on your LG Rhythm, do a search for ringtones that you like and send them to your phone.  
  3. Another great way to put ringtones on the LG Rhythm is to create the ringtones yourself. There are many websites that offer free ringtone creation. You have the option to either send the ringtones directly to your LG Rhythm, or you can plug up your phone to your computer to add the ringtones. If you opt to add the ringtones from your computer, simply save the ringtone after you create it to a file on your computer. Using a USB cable, plug your LG Rhythm into the computer. Once your computer recognizes the phone, a window will open that represents the location of your phone. Find the saved ringtone and drag it to the window for the LG Rhythm.  

Putting ringtones on the LG Rhythm makes the device more personal. After following the tutorial put together for you, you will be able to add ringtones for everyone you know.

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