How Do I Register To Order Prescriptions Online From

Some people, looking at the website, may wonder, “How do I register to order prescriptions online from” The process is relatively easy. This how-to manual will take you through the steps in registering and ordering with this prescription website. You will receive prescription drugs straight to your door.

To register to order prescriptions online from, you will need:

  • Internet Connection
  • website
  1. Connect to the Internet. Log on to your Internet Service Provider or click on Internet Explorer. (For those who have a high-speed Internet connection.) You should see your home page.
  2. Type in the website address. You want to make sure that you enter correctly in the URL address. Once you’re at the website, click on the “Register Today” link.
  3. Register with Right Source Rx. You will have an option to log in or register. You will need to register with My Humana, which is associated with the website.
  4. Enter your member information. You will have an option to register with your Medicare information or your private policy information. Enter the following information such as your member name, full name, date of birth, zip code, and email address. Once you’re finished, click the “Next” button.
  5. Find out if My Humana finds your information. On the next page, they will let you know if they recognize the information from your private policy or Medicare insurance. This will allow you to carry on with the registration process. If not, you will have to enter your information again.
  6. Confirm your email address. Check your email to see if you received a confirmation email from You may have to click on the link to further confirm your registration. If you don’t see any email, check your spam folder. Make sure to add to your address book.
  7. Log in and order prescriptions online. Start ordering your prescriptions with Look only for necessary prescriptions or any prescriptions your physician requested.

If you have trouble registering, you should either contact the Right Source Rx website or your medical insurance provider.



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