How Do I Remove Links From My Fossil Watch?

Are you asking yourself, "How do I remove links from my Fossil watch?" If you have been trying desperately to answer this question, you are in luck. Removing links from a Fossil watch or resizing the Fossil watch band does not require a trip to the jeweler—just a few simple tools and some basic instructions.

Tools needed to remove a link from a Fossil watch band:

  • A Fossil Watch with Band Links
  • A Thumb Tack or a Push Pin or a very fine point Mini Screwdriver
  • Small Hammer or Rubber Mallet
  • Small Needle Nose Pliers
  • A small block of wood
  • Sturdy Table or Flat Work Surface
  • A soft cloth, optional
  • A small block of wood or sturdy small box to support the watch during link removal

Instructions for removing a link from a Fossil watch band:

  1. Prepare the Fossil watch band for work. If desired, you may choose to protect your work surface and watch from scratches by placing a soft cloth on your work table. Examine the back and the side of the Fossil watch band. Some of the links of the band should have arrows pointing toward the pins securing them in place. Some Fossil watch styles may have links secured with screws. Whether your Fossil watch band has pins or screws, begin your removal work on links that have the arrows if at all possible.
  2. Position your Fossil watch band for link removal. Place the watch gently on its side so that the head of the pin for the desired link is facing downward. Some people find it easier to remove the pin by elevating the watch band on a small block of wood or a small box. If using an elevation, simply place the watch on its side with the link extending over the box or wood to allow the pink to be removed. If your watch has screws securing the links, you will instead need to simply unscrew the screws from the desired links with no need for a hammer and pliers.
  3. Remove the Fossil watch band link pin. Push the end of the tack or push pin onto the pin of the link that you wish to remove. Gently tap the pin with the hammer until the link pin emerges far enough from the other side to allow that it be removed with the pliers. Grab the pin carefully with the pliers and pull it straight from the link. It is important to remove the pin slowly with a straight, even motion. A rocking or twisting motion—or too much force can break the pin inside the link or cause it bend and be unable to use to reassemble your Fossil watch band.
  4. Remove the desired number of links from the Fossil band. If you need to remove several links from the Fossil watch band, try to remove an equal number from each side if possible to keep the watch face centered.  Don't forget to store the links in a safe spot just in case you should need to replace them in the future!
  5. Reattach the bracelet. Using one of the removed pins, carefully insert it back into the pin hole from which it was removed. Hammer gently to fully insert the pin into the watch. If screws are used, return a screw to the band to secure the bracelet.




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