How Do I Remove A Mazda B2500 Manual Transmission

Knowing how to remove a Mazda B2500 manual transmission can sometimes be necessity. With the right tools and a little preparation, removing the manual transmission in a Mazda B2500 might be something you can do yourself. In order to check on the condition or completely remove the manual transmission, the following procedures needed to be carried out.

What you’ll need:

  • Car jack
  • Wrench set
  • Wooden block
  • Needle nose pliers
  1. Disconnect the black negative battery cable. Undo and remove the gear lever assembly from inside the cabin of the Mazda B2500 by peeling back the carpet slightly and undoing the four bolts to release the lever. Cover the open aperture to stop dirt or any foreign objects falling into it.
  2. Using a car jack or a vehicle lift, raise the car up and secure it. If the B2500 is a 2WD vehicle, mark where the drive-shaft meets it on the rear axle flange. This helps when you come to refit it after removal. Position a drain pan underneath the rear axle/drive-shaft casing.
  3. Remove the bolts attaching the drive-shaft to the axle and remove the drive-shaft. Locate and disconnect the clutch line, which is hydraulic. Plug up the lines to avoid dirt ingress.
  4. Disconnect the speedometer from the gearbox casing. There will be a circlip holding it in place. Use needle nose pliers to remove the circlip. Disconnect the leads going to the starter motor and any wires going to the gearbox of the manual transmission.
  5. Using a wooden block on to of the jack, lift the engine pan slightly to take the weight.
  6. If the vehicle is a 4WD Mazda B2500, the transfer box will have to be removed first. Remove the starter motor from the engine by undoing the three bolts attaching it.
  7. There are thirteen bolts holding the gearbox to the engine. Remove those bolts and the transmission mount, as well as its damper. Remove the bolts from the cross-member and remove the cross-member.
  8. Lower the jack to angle the gearbox downwards and carefully remove the gearbox from the engine/clutch.

Remember, when you need to refit the gearbox, check all the wiring and the condition of the wires. Torque up the gearbox bolts to the correct settings and use a clutch alignment tool if necessary.

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