How Do I Remove White Oxidation On My Car?

You want to know how to remove white oxidation from your car. White oxidation clouds on the paint job of your car can be aggravating and annoying. The spots look bad and take a lot of work to get out of your car’s paint. You can remove white oxidation off the paint on your car. You have to face the job as a professional would face it. Use the best products to remove oxidation and restore your car’s beauty.

Things You Will Need

  • Orbital buffer
  • Foam pads for buffer
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Vinegar
  • Hand glaze
  • Finesse II
  • Car wax
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Meguiar’s  deep cut or medium cut cleaners
  • DuPont polishing compound
  • Extension cord
  1. Mix the denatured alcohol and vinegar together. This will be a 50/50 mix of both products. Take the mixture and clean the paint with the white oxidation problem. Clean it good. You want to work on a clean area when you remove the white oxidation from your car.
  2. Take some hand glaze and wipe it on the affected area of your car with a microfiber cloth. Take a foam pad and place it on the bottom of the orbital buffer. Plug the orbital buffer in an extension cord; plug the extension cord into an electric outlet.
  3. Take the orbital buffer and buff the white oxidation area prepared with the hand glaze. The hand glaze will shine up nicely. The hand glaze should take out at least some of the white oxidation. It the oxidation is light, the hand glaze will take out all of the oxidation.
  4. The oxidation might be tougher than you thought. Try using Finesse II on the affected area. Finesse II is a very fine micro polish. It will remove medium white oxidation off your car. Use your orbital buffer to buff out the white oxidation. When you remove the oxidation, you can reuse the hand glaze for a nicer shine. This is an optional step. Meguiar’s deep cut or medium cut cleaners can be used to replace the Finesse II product. This gives you a choice of two products to use.
  5. If the oxidation is very tough, you may have to use a polishing compound. Wipe the polishing compound on the affected area with a microfiber cloth. Use your orbital buffer to buff out the white oxidation.
  6. Your car is ready for wax. Take a microfiber cloth and wipe the wax on to your car. Take your orbital buffer and buff the area to a nice shine. Try this with all affected areas of your car. Eventually, your car will shine like a beautiful new car.


  • Always use the best products on your car’s paint
  • There are many products on the market that do the same job
  • Hardware stores will carry denatured alcohol
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