How Do I Remove White Specks On My Car?

Wondering, "How do I remove white specks on my car?" Keep a good ride looking good, learn how to remove white specs from your car. Over a lengthy period of driving your car may start to develop or attract white spots or possibly other colors of spots. These spots could be the result of driving over paint, mud, or other liquid compounds. Normal methods of removing white specks from your car may leave your car damaged, or annoyingly still covered with specks. Certain liquids or materials used to clean off your car can cause trouble. This guide will tell you the easiest, most sure way to safely remove specks from your car.

Here are a few things you will need before you remove the white specks on your car.

  • A soft cloth or chamois.
  • A soft soap, preferably meant for vehicles. You may use wax if the car is already washed or you are just cleaning a few specks in between washes.
  • An expired credit card, gym card, or any plastic card of such size.

Here is how to remove the white specks from your car:

  1. Soak the cloth in soapy water or dip in wax. Make sure you have enough cleaner or wax to cover a the affected area of the car.
  2. Apply the soap or wax to the area with white specks. You may first try to gently rub away some of the specks with the cloth, usually some will come off from this. As long as the cloth is soft enough you may have to rub the white specks very thoroughly.
  3. Remove the toughest white specks by using the plastic card. By using the edge of the card, and ample amount of wax or cleaner, you can remove nearly all white specks from your car. Firmly hold the plastic card while making continuous shorts strokes over the white specks. The plastic card trick works so well because the card is hard enough to knock away tough specks, but not so dense that it would damage your car, while trying to remove specks.
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