How Do I Reprogram My Magnavox HD Box?

Due to technical difficulties, you may soon be wondering how to reprogram your Magnavox HD box? The real question should be: "When can I afford a decent TV?" Televisions are critically important in Western society because they keep people who hate each other from killing one another when they share small rooms. In this new era of broke Americans with puny credit limits and magnificent unemployment beards, maybe a new TV is the least of your problems. Plus, this is an easy fix.

To reprogram a Magnavox HD box, you will need:

  • Magnavox HD box
  • TV
  1. Idiot test. To reprogram a Magnavox HD box, the first thing you need to do is the obvious. Make sure all your connections are connected. This may be insulting to almost half the people in the world, but let’s face it, the other half of the population are all dimwits. Besides, nine times out of ten, unconnected cables are the problem.
  2. Unplug. The easiest way to reprogram a Magnavox HD box is to reset it and the easiest way to reset anything is to unplug it. You cannot just turn off the box. You need to unplug your Magnavox HD box from the power source.
  3. Plug. Before you plug that bugger back in, you are required to wait fifteen seconds to allow the evil magical gnomes to return to their fantastic dimension. Many people do a nautical jig to help pass the time. When you are finished, plug it back in.
  4. Scan. Most Magnavox HD boxes will start scanning on their own. Some require you to fiddle with them a bit, so make sure your TV is on channel three and turn on the box. The menu might make you go through your TV screen preferences before it actually starts scanning channels.
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