How Do I Restore Ringtones On Nokia 5610?

If you have recently deleted ringtones from your phone, you may be wondering, "How do I restore ringtones on a Nokia 5610?" Unfortunately, there is no restore functionality for deleted files on the Nokia 5610. If you have deleted the ringtones on your Nokia 5610, you will need to reload the ringtones onto your phone from scratch. The default ringtones on the Nokia 5610 can't be deleted, therefore there should be no need to restore those. Restoring other ringtones on the Nokia 5610 will require you to completely reload them.

To restore ringtones on your Nokia 5610, you will need:

  • Nokia PC Suite (a free download from Nokia)
  • A USB cable for your Nokia 5610
  • A computer or laptop
  • The original ringtone files (MP3s, etc.)
  1. Power on the Nokia 5610. Power on your phone and allow it to load to the home screen.
  2. Connect the Nokia 5610 to your PC. Using the USB cable, connect the Nokia 5610 to your PC. USB slots are typically located on the back side of your PC or on the side of your laptop.
  3. Launch the Nokia PC Suite. Using the shortcut on your desktop or start menu, launch the Nokia PC Suite. The Nokia PC Suite will automatically detect and connect your Nokia 5610.
  4. Transfer the ringtones. Transfer the ringtones to your Nokia 5610 by selecting the "Audio" ("Ringtones") option in the Nokia PC Suite. Simply drag and drop the audio files you wish to transfer. The files may take several minutes to transfer to your phone.
  5. Disconnect the Nokia 5610. Disconnect your phone from the USB port on the computer. The ringtones will now be restored to your Nokia 5610. In the event they are deleted, you will need to restore them from the computer again.

If the factory ringtones are somehow deleted, they can be restored with a firmware restore or upgrade. The "reset factory settings" option on the Nokia 5610 will not restore lost audio files, such as ringtones, on your Nokia 5610. Ringtones can also be copied to your phone with a media card rather than a USB cable.

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