How Do I Set Up Channels On An Olevia Television

If you have figured out how to set up your cable box or antenna to your Olevia TV, then the hard part is done and you just need to find an answer to the question of how do i set up channels on an Olevia television. There are two main methods to set up channels on an Olevia television, the first involves letting the television scan through all of the channels and remembering the ones that have a signal, the second involves you going through the channels and manually telling the Olevia television what channels to skip. The best way to approach this problem is probable with a combination of both methods.

  1. Let the television auto scan. Press the "Menu" button on the remote to bring up the menu. Press the down button until you get to "Setup," then press the right button to access the submenu. Scroll down until you find "TV" and then press right, repeat the process on the next menu to select "Auto Channel Search." Scroll up and down to select between "Cable" and "Air" depending on how you receive your signal. On the last submenu, press right on "Auto" to start the scan.
  2. Set up channels that you want to skip. Skipped channels will not appear when you are scrolling through the channels, you will have to enter the channel number to access the channel. Press the "Menu" button and then select "Setup," then "TV," "Channel Setup" and finally "Skip" by pressing the right arrow on the remote control. The available channels will now appear on the screen. Scroll up and down through them and press the right arrow to add them to the skipped list.
  3. Create a name for channels. These names might make it easier for you to know which channel you are choosing. Press the "Menu" button and then access "Setup," TV," "Channel Setup" and "Name." Scroll up and down through the list of available channels until you find one that you want to name and press the right arrow. A small box containing the letters of the alphabet will appear on the screen. Use the arrows to scroll to the letters and the "Enter" button to input them. Once you are done press enter on "Accept" at the bottom of the screen.



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