How Do I Set Up My Omron Pedometer?

If you just received your new Omron pedometer, you may be asking yourself "how do I set up my Omron pedometer?" If you follow the simple steps in this guide, you are sure to learn exactly how to set up your Omron pedometer. Omron is a well known name in pedometers. An Omron pedometer measures the steps which are taken by any one person depending on their stride length. This single Omron pedometer will give you the information instantly of number of aerobic steps, number of normal steps, the calories you have burned, the duration of your walk, and the total distance which you have walked that day. This is helpful for anyone who wants to stay fit or monitor their activity, which is why you should learn how to set up your Omron Pedometer.

What You Will Need to Learn How To Set Up Your Omron Pedometer:

  • Scale
  • Measuring Tape
  • Stop watch or clock

How to Set Up an Omron Pedometer:

  1. To start out learning how to set up your Omron pedometer, you need to be able to measure your stride length. To do this effectively, you need to designate a starting point which can easily be measured after you take a number of steps. Take ten normal steps as if you were walking in the mall. When you have finished, mark the ending point of your steps. To learn how to set up your Omron pedometer, you will now need to measure out in inches how long this distance is. Divide this number by ten so that you can figure out how many inches each stride you take measures out to. As an example, if your total distance was 120 inches, than this is would make it one foot per stride while you are walking.
  2. The next step in learning how to set up your Omron pedometer is to set the time. You can do this by holding down on the "Set" button for about three seconds. Press the "Memory" button to go on once the time display is blinking. Use the "Set" button to choose the hour of the day after you get to the right hour with the "Memory" key. It will take you to the minutes, and do the same method. Once you are finished with the time, press the "Set" button again so that you can go to the next step.
  3. Entering your weight is the third step of learning how to set up your Omron pedometer. Use the same keys to punch in your current and accurate weight. Press the "Set" button again once you have finished this.
  4. To complete the fourth setting of your stride distance, you will continue to use the same buttons and method as before. Once you have finished setting your correct stride length, hold down on the "Set" button for the last time.
  5. At the beginning of every day, hold down on the "Reset" button for three seconds to start over again. Clip onto your clothing somewhere convenient and start walking your day away!
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