How Do I Spot Counterfeit Tiffany Ring?

"How do I spot a counterfeit Tiffany ring?" is a question many watch owners may ask. If diamonds and jewelry are a girl’s best friend, then Tiffany is her first true love.  There is no other jewelry line more familiar than the signature “Tiffany” blue box with the satin white bow.  Tiffany jewelry is known to be somewhat pricey but worth every penny if you are the gracious recipient. And with quality comes the need to replicate it for a cheaper price—the counterfeit.  Many women can spot a counterfeit Tiffany ring, but what about the unsuspecting boyfriend or the unfamiliar husband? There are a couple of things to remember when purchasing the Tiffany ring to ensure that yours is not counterfeit.

  1. Tiffany rings as well as other signature pieces are heavy in weight.  If it feels light or hollowed out, chances are it’s a knock off.
  2. Always check the engraving for the Tiffany name.  It should be clear, defined and by all means spelled correctly. 
  3. All pieces must have the .925 for authenticity.  But if the 925 stamp is inside, then it is a definite fake.
  4. The famous and most popular 1837 ring is flat on the sides versus being rounded. 
  5. The price is very inexpensive. Many counterfeit salesmen will sell their products online.  If a seller is selling many pieces at a reduced price, it is likely a counterfeit.  It is not profitable for a seller to purchase the Tiffany ring and sell it lower than its value. 
  6. The font spacing is wrong as well as the text is blotchy.  Some rings may have 1997TiffanyAndCo.925 instead of the original 1997 Tiffany&Co.  There’s no spacing between the lettering.
  7. When purchasing online, it can become even trickier.  Many times, sellers will use actual Tiffany pictures from the web site to lure anxious Tiffany purchasers. 
  8. The authentic Tiffany ring, when purchased, should come with a baby blue bag that acts as a suede-like polishing cloth along with a drawstring.






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