How Do I Start A Flooded Engine With Fuel Injection?

Are you asking yourself, "how do I start a flooded engine with fuel injection?" This is a (problem that) does not happen often to a car with fuel injection. Most likely, your spark plugs are wet and need drying off. Your flooded engine problem will be fixed with a little time and a little work.  

To start a flooded engine with fuel injection, you will need:

  • Owner’s manual
  • New spark plugs
  • Spark plug wrench
  1. Look in your owner’s manual and check to see if the “clear flood mode” on your vehicle. This is the fastest way to dry out your spark plugs after you flood your engine. You get into your car, crank engine, and push the gas all the way down to the floor. This method should dry your spark plugs enough to start your car. This is the best way to start a flooded engine with fuel injection. This may or may not work. If this does not work, go to step two. If this does work, go to step three.
  2. Open the hood of your car. Secure the hood with the safety arm. Take out the fuel injector fuse. You can find out where the fuel injector fuse is located in your owner’s manual. The fuel injector fuse controls your fuel injection system. Start your car. It will start and it will stop. This is because your engine is flooded and needs to be dried. Try it again. Do not do it too much because you will drain your battery. This method is to dry out your flooded engine. Replace the fuel injector fuse. Your car should start.
  3. Drive to the auto parts store. Buy new spark plugs. Make sure you keep your engine running because your spark plugs are probably still wet. Drive home. If your flooded engine prevented your engine from starting, have a friend drive you to the auto parts store.
  4. Open the hood of your car. Secure the hood with the safety arm. Remove the spark plugs and replace them with new spark plugs. If your car did not start, remove the old spark plugs, dry them with a cloth, and put them back in the car. The car should start. You should be good to go. Drive your car a good distance to make sure you completely power your battery up. Always make sure you replace the old spark plugs with new spark plugs. This will fix your problem. Your engine will no longer be flooded. You will now be able to drive your car normally.


  • Change your spark plugs before winter comes
  • Use your owner’s manual for directions on your particular car
  • Always have a friend you can call in case your car does not start and you need a ride to the automobile store.
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