How Do I Start A Walking And Running Exercise Program?

Need to know how to start a walking and running exercise program? It is important to follow a physical fitness program. The human body is conditioned to move. It is unhealthy for individuals to be inactive for long periods of time. Exercise increases endorphins in the brain which makes us feel good and lowers our risk of depression. Physical fitness also makes the heart stronger and lowers the risk of developing heart disease. Getting up and moving also aids weight loss.

A walking and running exercise program is a great way to increase physical activity and stay healthy. All that is needed is a good pair of running shoes. A treadmill can be used for a walking and running program as well.

  1. Walking Walking is a great form of exercise because most individuals have no trouble with this activity. There are some people with orthopedic arthritis that do have to check with their doctors if modifications are needed to begin a walking program. However, beginning a walking program is rather easy.
  2. Regular Routine It is important to start slow and gradually build up walking time and speed. An exercise program needs to become a regular routine. Working individuals will probably find the best time to walk early in the morning or in the evening. It is possible to split workout times into two sessions instead of a longer one. Stay at home parents may need to wait until the kids are in bed to walk. Their children can also accompany them on their walk.
  3. Running After a walking routine is established, speed should be increased. Running promotes lean body mass and burns a lot of calories in less time. In fact, it is the most effective cardiovascular activity. However, it is important to start slowly. Begin with a gentle jog for one minute. Gradually add another minute to the routine until more time is spent running. The key is to start slowly and gradually increase speed. Starting a run too fast leads to losing momentum and steam. Running may be uncomfortable at first but it gets easier with practice. The benefits of running include weight loss, anti-aging and disease prevention.
  4. Interval training Consider alternating walking and running. Interval training burns calories long after a workout has ended. It also burns body fat. Try walking for two minutes and then running for one minute. Intermediate exercisers can reverse this and run for longer intervals.
  5. Concluding Thoughts A walking and running exercise program is an excellent way to be fit and healthy. It is easy to get started. However, commitment is needed to establish a program and stick to it. Remembering the reasons for establishing a walking and running exercise program will increase the likelihood of continuing the regimen.



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