How Do I Tether My BlackBerry 8330 To My Laptop?

Are you asking yourself, "how do I tether my Blackberry 8330 to my laptop?" With the right application, you can tether your BlackBerry 8330 to your laptop. Tethering your BlackBerry 8330, also known as the BlackBerry Curve, as a modem for your laptop will give you an internet connection anywhere you get a signal on your phone. It is a perfect way to surf the web anywhere you and your BlackBerry are.

Tethering your BlackBerry to your laptop requires:

  • Tethering application
  • USB cable for BlackBerry
  1. Purchase a tethering application for BlackBerry. These applications, such as Tether, are available through the Internet as well as BlackBerry App World. They charge a one-time fee, like most software.
  2. Download the tethering application to your BlackBerry 8330. If you purchased the application through BlackBerry App World, simply follow the instructions. If you found the application on the Internet, follow the directions to the OTA (over-the-air) site on your BlackBerry browser to download and install.
  3. Install the tethering application to your laptop. The application will have companion software that is loaded on your laptop. This creates a network connection that will activate when you connect and tether your BlackBerry 8330 to your computer.
  4. Click and start the tethering application on your BlackBerry. You can access the application through your main menu screen by pressing the BlackBerry button to the left of your trackball. Follow the instructions to “start” the application.
  5. Connect your BlackBerry 8330 to your laptop. Plug your USB cable into your BlackBerry and then your computer. RIM provides these cables with every BlackBerry device. It has the added benefit of charging your phone while connected.
  6. Wait for the tethered application to register your BlackBerry. If necessary, click to start the software or network connection. The stronger the signal on your phone, the better your Internet connection will be.

Make sure you know your data plan limits. Some wireless carriers provide unlimited data and others have a cap. Using your BlackBerry as a modem for your laptop can use data faster than simply surfing on the BlackBerry browser.



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