How Do I Transfer A Playlist To My IPod?

If you have an iPod, you're probably wondering "how do I transfer a playlist to my iPod?" Well, wonder no more, just follow these easy instructions to learn how to transfer a playlist to your iPod.

What you'll need:

  • an iPod
  • a computer with iTunes installed
  • an iPod sync cable


  1. Connecting the iPod. In order to transfer a playlist to your iPod, you must first connect the iPod to the computer.  Plug in your iPod sync cable to both the iPod and the computer.
  2. Open iTunes. Open iTunes after the iPod has been recognized by your computer. The iPod will appear in the iTunes source list.
  3. Two ways to transfer the playlist. There are two ways to transfer the playlist.   You can choose to automatically manage your songs and playlists or choose to manually manage your songs and playlists. To choose your preferred method, click on the iPod in the source list in iTunes, then click on options. Choose your method. If you choose to automatically transfer your playlists to your iPod, be sure to select the playslists you would like to transfer.  Select them by checking the checkbox next to the playlist title. If you choose to manually update your playlists, you will have to manually drag playlists to your iPod to transfer them.
  4. A cautionary note. When choosing to automatically manage your playlists, the iPod will be automatically updated when connected to your computer. This means that all songs that are not in the selected playlists will be deleted and replaced by your selections.  



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