How Do I Tre Flip For A Goofy

If you're just getting started as a skateboarder, you may be asking, "How do I tre flip for a goofy?" Learning to tre flip goofy is one of the most popular tricks you can learn to do. The tre flip is one of the most-used tricks in skateboarding. Adding the goofy to a tre flip is just one possible variation. Learning to pull off a tre flip on a skateboard is the sweetest intermediate level trick in the book. Pulling off the tre flip goofy will open the door to a host of new tricks. The directions below will walk you through the tre flip goofy. Learning the tre flip goofy takes a little more skill than a standard kick flip or other lower end tricks. Perhaps a little sidewalk practice will be in order for you to stick the tre flip goofy. In the end, it will be well worth your effort.

To tre flip goofy on a skateboard, you will need:

  • A skateboard
  • Skateboarding safety gear
  • A flat surface
  1. Start by warming up. Get into the flow of skateboarding and get your concentrating in tune with the coming trick. Relax and find a flat surface with a slight downgrade. You will want a little speed with this trick, but a lot isn’t needed.
  2. Move down the grade in a goofy stance (meaning with your left foot as your lead foot). Your lead foot should be just above the trick screws. The trailing foot should be in the middle of the skateboard.
  3. Jump up off the board, but as you do, kick the lead foot down. This will cause the board to flip. It will do one complete flip and land back on the wheels. This flip and motion is a tre flip. The fact that you led with your left foot is what makes it goofy.
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