How Do I Turn Off Caller ID On A Nokia 2610?

Ever asked yourself "how do I turn off caller ID feature of your Nokia 2610?" Doing so is really quite easy to do. This setting is quite simple to get to in the main menu, as long as you know where you are going. It also affords you a fair bit of privacy since the people you call can't see your number. Make your Nokia 2610 a more secure calling option by turning off the caller ID. Follow these steps below and soon you will be making calls ID free.

  1. Hit the power button on your Nokia 2610. If it is already on then you are already ahead of the curve. Now, we can make our way through the menus and turn off the caller ID.
  2. Go into your menu. You can do this by selecting your menu button.
  3. Open your settings. Do this by selecting the settings options in the main menu.
  4. Open the call settings. This will bring you into the call settings menu, which is the last menu that you will need to enter.
  5. Find the option labeled "Send My Caller ID." Once you have found it, you will notice that it has the word "yes" next to it. Select "no" instead. You have just turned off the caller ID on your Nokia 2610.

Now you will be incognito when you dial. Just be sure to use the power of your caller ID off Nokia 2610 wisely. Dialing a crank call to your friends in this mode is cool, but trying the same prank call with your favorite celebrity is probably not a very good idea.

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