How Do I Unlock A Memory Card For Samsung Camera?

If you own a Samsung camera, you may be asking yourself, "how do I unlock a memory card for a Samsung camera? Most Samsung cameras use the SanDisk memory cards and most of them are produced the same way, so this should work on any size SanDisk memory card. Follow these steps:

1. Open the are of the camera where the memory card slot is located. Usually in Samsung cameras, you can slide the compartment down or up to expose the batteries and memory card slot. Be careful not to be too rough, or you could ruin the material inside. Make sure the compartment is fully open.

2. Remove the memory card from it's slot. Most Samsung cameras allow you to gently press on the top of the memory card while it is securely in it's slot. Gently pressing the top of the memory card will make it pop up. If the memory card slot is close to the battery compartment, then you may want to remove the batteries for a better view.

3.  Grab the memory card and inspect it. Once you have the memory card in your hand, look to the left of the card. There should be the word "lock" at the top written vertically. Be sure to hold the card upright while in your hand.

4. Unlock the memory card. Just to the left of the word "lock." There will be a grey (or black) switch. You can slide the switch up or down. There should be a down arrow and an up arrow on the outer edges of the word "lock." Push the switch up (as far as it can go). That should unlock the memory card.

5. Replace the memory card back in the Samsung camera. To ensure the memory card has been successfully unlocked, install it back in the camera. If the camera detects the memory card and does not show a "lock" symbol, then you have successfully unlocked the memory card. If not, and you have followed all directions, the memory card or the memory card slot may be defective.

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