How to Do a Japan Air Grab on a Snowboard

Tricking into how to do a Japan Air Grab on a snowboard is all about getting some air. The Japan Air grab is, like most snowboard tricks,an adaptation of a skateboarding trick. The Japan Air Grab is a popular and traditional boarder’s trick for more experienced snowboarders. The Japan Air Grab is actually difficult, even though the trick itself seems simple. All tricks should be taken seriously. There is great chance for injury to yourself, others or your equipment if performed incorrectly.

What you will need to bust this trick:

  • Snowboarding gear
  • Snowboard
  • Jump or Half Pipe

Learning how to do a Japan Air Grab:

  1. Find a jump spot or half pipe. You will need to gain plenty of air so ensure the jump is big enough or to gain enough air on the half pipe. Approach the jump with proper technique. Knees bent, riding on the edge and keep center. Right before you hit the crest, flatten to the base.
  2. While in the air, grab the snowboard right behind your trailing foot bindings. Pull the board back, bending your knees. Turn your torso away from your hand, so your chest is facing outward. This is the Japan Air Grab.
  3. Before you land let go of the snowboard. Push your knees straight and keep your body straight and upright. As your snowboard touches the powder, allow your knees to bend slightly. Keep your body straight and stick the landing. You have successfully completed the Japan Air Grab!



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