How To Do Jet Ski Tricks

If you really want to impress your friends, learn how to do jet ski tricks on that new personal water craft! Jet ski tricks are, well, tricky but the simpler tricks can be mastered within a few hours. With some practice, some luck and the right conditions, you can dazzle your friends with your jet ski tricks and keep yourself out of the drink, too. It's quite hard to look fly if you fall off the jet ski…

  1. Learn how to do a Bunny Hop jet ski trick. The Bunny Hop is a pretty simple jet ski trick which involves sending the nose of the ski just slightly under water, hitting the gas and having the jet ski hop out of the water. To do this trick, lean forward with your body weight and jump hard with your legs. The nose of the ski should dive down no more than a foot or so. Once the jet ski nose is underwater, hit the throttle and hold one! The ski should hop out of the water. This is a great trick and can provides safety, too, in case you need to hop over a floating log one day.
  2. If you're looking to make a big splash, try barefooting. A barefooting jet ski trick is pretty simple but makes a huge spray so it's impressive to watch for spectators. In order to do barefooting, the water surface must be glass smooth, such as in a lake or smooth bay. With the jet ski going around twenty mph, take one foot and skim the smooth water surface. Your foot will throw off a huge spray but, beware, don't allow your foot to sink or you're sure to hit the drink. If you're really, really daring, swing the other foot over to the same side and drag both feet.


While you're learning how to do jet ski tricks, such as the Bunny Hop or barefooting, make sure to use your safety key so that the jet ski will shut off if you take a dive, which, by the way, you're sure to do when you're first learning!

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