How To Do Jon Boat Modifications

Learning how to do jon boat modifications can give that old jon boat new life. By modifying your jon boat, you can expand your uses for it. Jon boats are excellent tools to use for hunting, fishing, or just recreational fun! If you have a little time and patience, than take a look at the following list of items that you’ll need to modify your jon boat:

To modify your jon boat, you’ll need the following items:

  • Jon boat
  • Plywood
  • Saw
  • Marine carpeting
  • Glue
  • Electric drill
  • Screws
  • Pedestals
  • Chairs
  1. Install marine carpeting. The first step to making modifications to your jon boat is to install marine carpeting. Marine carpeting is an excellent way to increase both the value and the comfort of your jon boat. To install marine carpeting, remove any old carpeting or surfaces from the areas in which you’re installing carpeting. Next, thoroughly clean the surfaces where you will be installing marine carpeting. Finally, add a layer of glue to your surface and install your marine carpeting.
  2. Install your casting deck. The next step to modifying your jon boat is installing a casting deck. A casting deck is a great improvement to your jon boat if you’re going to be using it for fishing or hunting. To install a casting deck, first remove your old casting deck. Next, use wooden beams to install in the bottom of your jon boat that will act as supports for your casting deck. Next, cut-out a piece of plywood that will act as your actual casting deck. Use an electrical drill with screws to secure this casting deck to your support beams. Make sure to cover your casting deck with marine carpeting to protect your plywood.
  3. Installing pedestal seats. The final step to modifying your jon boat is installing pedestal seats. Pedestal seats are an excellent option for jon boats because they add comfort to your boating experience. To install a pedestal seat, use an electric drill and screws to install the pedestal to the bottom of the boat or your casting deck(s). Finally, install your seats to your pedestals with your electric drill.

These are just a couple of ways to customize your jon boat. If you’re not using your jon boat for fishing, you may not have to worry about installing casting decks. If you’re using it for hunting, consider also re-painting your jon boat in camo to increase your odds at being successful in your pursuit of fall fowl. With this short list of modifications, you’ll have one heck of a jon boat!



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