How To Do A Juice Detox Diet

Learn how to do a juice detox diet to cleanse the body and drink delicious juice while doing it. Detox simply means that the body gets rid of toxins that might otherwise cause illness to the body. A juice detox diet entails drinking juice to flush out even more toxins than is done with eating a normal diet. The amount of time needed for a juice detox diet varies. The detox can be done in as short a time as a day or over a weekend or even longer depending on the cleansing desired.

To do a juice detox diet, you will need:

  • Fruit juice
  • Vitamin C
  • Water
  • Miso soup or brown rice with vegetables
  1. Check with your doctor. Before starting any type of detoxification diet, check with your medical doctor if you have any health concerns or feel that not eating normal foods might compromise your body in any way.
  2. Eat a salad the night before you start the fruit detox diet. To start the juice detox diet, eat a green salad the night before you begin the detox diet. This will give you healthy food that provides your body with energy.
  3. Take Vitamin C and fruit juice for breakfast. The first day of the juice detox diet should begin with Vitamin C tablets and fruit juice. The sugar found in fruit juice flushes the colon and moves toxins and waste through the body quicker than water alone.
  4. Drink fruit juice often. Every two hours, drink fruit juice to stave off hunger. The intake of this much fruit juice helps eliminate toxins quickly from the body.
  5. Eat dinner. For the evening meal, eat a bowl of miso soup with nori, which is Japanese seaweed sprinkled on top, or have brown rice with vegetables.
  6. Drink water as needed. When you feel thirsty, drink water to keep your body hydrated.
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