How To Do Kegels

Knowing how to do Kegels is an important role in learning how to control ejaculation. Many men want to last longer in bed and be able to increase the strength of their orgasms. Kegel exercises are a quick and safe way to achieve this.

  1. Know where your PC muscles (pubococcygeus muscles) are located. The PC muscles are the ones that you will be working during Kegels. The easiest way to feel where the PC muscles are is to stop your urine stream the next time you go to the bathroom. Another method is to insert a finger into your anus. When you contract the PC muscles your anus will tighten.
  2. Make sure to only use the PC muscles. Keep your abdominals, buttocks and thighs relaxed. Your PC muscles will probably be weak when you first start doing Kegels. Your body will naturally try to overcompensate for these weak muscles by using other stronger muscles. If you allow other muscles to do the job then you will be wasting your time doing Kegels.
  3. Start out slow. Like with any muscles you will not be able to strengthen the PC muscles overnight. You will first want to practice just clenching the PC muscles for 10 seconds. You should do this three times a day.
  4. Move on to holding the PC muscles. Once you have mastered clenching the PC muscles you can move on to holding in the position for five seconds. Again do this 3 times a day. If you want to do all 3 sets at the same times make sure you have a about a 30 second break between. Many feel it is best to spread the sets through out the day. Work on building up to holding the clenched position for 30 seconds. Steps 3 and 4 should take about a week before you move on to step 5.
  5. Next work on clenching, holding and then releasing. You want to be able to actually release the clenched muscle not the muscle just releasing on it’s own. Alternate on this. You should be able to do this 10 times in a set, which will then become your warm up when you do a Kegel.
  6. Strengthen the PC muscle further. After you have mastered the warm up you will move on the holding the clenched position again but this time your aim is for 2 minutes. Always do the warm-up first before working on strengthening the PC muscle further.
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