How To Do Knuckle Push-ups

You should learn how to do knuckle push-ups if you want to condition your knuckles.  Knuckle push-ups are also great for developing your wrists and learning how to keep them straight, which are very important in martial arts, for example.  Though you might get a few calluses on your hand, you will reap these rewards while performing knuckle push-ups.

  1. Find an appropriate surface.  If you are beginning knuckle-push ups for the first time, or have not had any conditioning on your knuckles, you may want to start on something such as carpet, grass, or linoleum.  More advanced individuals can work with objects such as tile, marble, or a gym floor.
  2. Use correct positioning.  Knuckle push-ups use the first two knuckles on each hand.  Otherwise, follow the correct positioning you would use for a normal push-up, such as a straight back and proper footing.
  3. Execute the push-up.  Go slowly so that you can gauge the surface on your knuckle, in addition to performing the push-up correctly to maximize effectiveness.
  4. Repeat according to the number of desired sets and reps.  According to your strength training or calisthenics program, you will continue until you have reached the appropriate number of sets and reps for your workout.

Make sure you keep track of your progress, both in a strength training sense and in respect to the surface.  You want to make sure that you continue increasing the strength of the surface to improve bone density in your knuckles.  You also of course want to maximize the resistance of the push-up.  Always be careful with the surface of knuckle push-ups, as they can provide some pain if you are not at the appropriate type of surface for your ability.

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