How To Do L-Kicks

Learning how to do L-kicks can really add some flair to your breakdancing routine. The L-kick is one of the most popular breakdancing moves. With some practice and good instructions, you'll discover that L-kicks are a lot easier than they look. This article will give you step-by-step instructions on how to properly perform L-kicks.

  1. Get prepared. Before you attempt to do L-kicks, be sure to thoroughly stretch your hips, arms and wrist. You will be relying on them to help you successfully pull off this move.
  2. Get your hand ready. Start in a standing position with your legs shoulder length apart. Pick out a spot on the ground in front of you where you want your right hand to go.
  3. Kick your legs up. Simultaneously place your right hand on the ground and swing your right leg upward, and then your left leg. Be sure to swing your leg with force to gain momentum, but not too hard or you'll fall over. Keep your eyes on the ground and your fingers spread far apart to help make balancing your body weight easier.
  4. Turn your hips. Now turn your hips upwards and straighten out your legs. To keep yourself balanced, grab and hold your kicking leg. The closer your leg is to your face the easier it will be to stay balanced and the better your L-kick will look.
  5. Keep practicing. Doing an L-kick may feel a bit weird at first since your body is not used to being in this position. As with any breakdancing move, practice and patience is required in order to master it.
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