How To Do The Lusty Lapfrog Sex Position

When looking for some extra fun in the bedroom, try learning how to do the lusty lapfrog sex position. This one can be a lot of fun for you and your partner. The girl has to be comfortable with being on top for this sex position to work for you as a couple. This sex position is perfect for making your vagina muscles really tight helping him to enjoy it even more than usual. You can also go very deep in the lusty leapfrog sex position compared to other sex positions that you have tried in the past.

  1. Start out the lapfrog sex position by having your man lie down on the bed on his back. He will want his legs straight out.
  2. Once you have done a little foreplay and are ready to start, straddle him across his waist area. This is not a normal straddle position
  3. You will plant your feet next to his hips. This position might work best on a hard floor where it will not move around a lot like the bed will for you. He can even reach up and touch your breasts as you are over him. You can lean on any part of his body that you want or place your hands on the bed next to him for support.
  4. Leave your knees out to the side and start to ride up and down on his penis. Lean forward just a little bit to experience pleasure in your clitoris as well. You will feel like you are a frog with your legs sticking out to the sides and the jumping motion as you move up and down enjoying this sex position.
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