How To Do The Moonwalk Like Michael Jackson

If you want to impress a crowd in a club or at a party, learn how to do the Moonwalk like Michael Jackson. The moonwalk was originally a breakdancing move. Michael Jackson debut his version of the moonwalk in 1983 during the performance of “Billie Jean.” The move became a media sensation from then on. So how do you learn to "Moonwalk" like Michael Jackson?

You will need:

  • A well lit room with a hard, shiny surface.
  • A good thick pair of socks, or some dancing shoes.
  • Some good music to practice with.
  1. You must start out this move on a hard, shiny surface such as linoleum or hard wood. Make sure there is plenty of room to move around. You should also start out in socks until you master the moonwalk. When you feel more confident with the dance move, you can move to hard-soled shoes.

  2. Now you can start the first steps to learning how to moonwalk like Michael Jackson. You start with both of your feet together. Then raise your right heel until your weight is shifted to the ball of your right foot. When you do this your left foot should feel almost weightless. Practice this step a couple of times until you feel comfortable with it.

  3. Here comes the hard part. You need to slowly lower your right heel while still keeping all of your weight on that leg. At the same time slide your left foot backwards until your toes on the left are aligned with your right heel. You need to make sure the left foot appears to glide over the floor. If it does then you are doing right. It's a good idea to practice a couple of times before moving on.

  4. Repeat the previous step with the left foot.  At this point you should have your right foot in front with the heel down. The left foot should be aligned with the right heel. Start to shift your weight over to the left foot and lift the heel at the same time. Now your right foot should be the one to feel weightless. Slide the right foot backwards while slowly lowering the left heel. Your right foot should appear to be gliding over the floor.

  5. Practice gliding the right and left feet several times over until you feel completely comfortable doing it. Once you have mastered each foot, go ahead and do the right and then the left. Keep trying until you can get both in one fluid move. Then you'll be moonwalking like Michael Jackson.


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