How To Do A One Hand Airflare In Breakdancing

You're a brave soul, learning how to one hand Airflare is just as difficult as it is dangerous. Airflares are difficult enough because you have to leave the ground, perform a spin and be able to land again. Not only that, but you have to be able to do the maneuver multiple times for it to be considered an Airflare. So, doing a one handed Airflare without busting your nose or hurting some other extremity is going to be quite the task. If we haven't scared you away, lets get to the one handed Airflare.

  1. Warning. If you can't do normal Flares then you have no business attempting an Airflare. If you can't Airflare then you have no business trying to attempt a one handed Airflare. You're going to hurt yourself. So, if you haven't progressed through the Flare ranks go back and learn them well… For your own safety. For the rest of you, lets get it going.
  2. What it is. You know what an Airflare is. It's an incredibly acrobatic move where the b-boy spins on his hands alternating between the left and the right. His legs are extended and spread apart for balance. His back(which is fully extended), shoulders and arms take up the majority of the weight. A b-boy that can Airflare has a great mastery of balance and control of his spinning. A one handed Airflare is a move where the b-boy shifts all of his weight and balance to one side and spins on one hand. The basic positioning is the same as far as the dancer's legs and back are concerned.
  3. How to do it. In order to pull of an Airflare, you have to be quick. That slow practicing of the maneuver is for the novice. You need to get into the move quickly so you can generate enough momentum to be able to spin on your two hands. So, quickly lean one of your shoulders towards the ground. Support yourself with your extended arm. Immediately bring the other arm down to help with your balance. While doing this you should be extending your back and leaning slightly forward so you balance your weight on your arms and shoulders. Your legs should be spread and extended to help you with balance as well. At this point you should be spinning on both of your extended arms.
  4. Get air. Here's where it gets difficult. While spinning, you need to push off the mat with one of your arms. The reason you only use one is that if you push of with both, you'll go backwards. You push off in a forward motion with one to create the momentum to continue the spin in the air. If you've ever seen a B-boy do this then you know what we're talking about. One hand leaves the mat followed immediately by the other because of the spinning force pulling the dancer's body. If you go fast enough then you'll actually leave the mat totally for a split second or so.
  5. Even harder. To pull of the one handed AirFlare, you need to quickly shift all of you weight to one arm while trying to balance. You can't plant that arm though because you'll fall. You'll also see that you may need to flick you legs or contort your body slightly to hold your balance on that one hand. You need to use the spinning force you created from the original Airflare to carry you through spinning and hopping on the one hand. Never take the other hand too far away from it's supportive position because you'll need it to drop to the mat if you start to lose balance on the one hand. There's no doubt about it, you'll fail more than a few times attempting this maneuver. However, like with all the other breakdancing moves out there, you get better with practice. Then there comes the matter of learning to link your one handed Airflare to other moves… With the risk of sounding like a broken tape recorder, you need to practice.
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