How to Do an Overhead Pass in Basketball

In order to be a better player, you will need to properly learn how to do an overhead pass in basketball.  The overhead pass is an effective way to deliver the ball quickly to a teammate, as well as being advantageous for taller players.  Practice these steps to learn how to do an overhead pass quickly and effectively.

  1. Judge the angle of the pass.  Especially for the overhead pass, many of these tend to be longer, and thus more dangerous.  If you're heaving the ball across the court for your man cutting to the basket from out of bounds, for instance, you may need an arc to get it over the defender.  Of course, you may want to reconsider this length of pass, as they are quite dangerous.
  2. Step into the pass.  Utilize your pivot foot and other foot to get your lower body into the pass.  With the added power, you will be able to provide much more power with the overhead pass.  Make sure you aren't stepping with your pivot foot, of course.
  3. Keep your elbows up.  If your defender is in front of you, you are likely performing the overhead pass in order to pass over him or her.  Dipping your elbows will lower the starting point of the pass, making it easier for the defender to possibly tip or intercept.
  4. Jump if necessary.  Jumping over the defender to deliver an overhead pass can be an effective technique.  It can provide you with the passing room needed to deliver the pass.  It can also be effective when you trapped, for instance.  This is dangerous though: make sure you can pass it somewhere, or you will be called for the travel if you don't get rid of the ball.
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