How Do Paddle Boats Work?

Are you wondering how paddle boats work? Paddle boats are easy to use and are fun for the whole family. Many people are happy somebody built the paddle boat for their family to use but have no idea how paddle boats work.

  1. A paddle boat is a watercraft powered by the people who are pedaling. The paddle boat is steered right or left depending on the amount of pressure on the left or right pedals. Many paddle boats seat two people. Paddle boats were designed for adults and children alike. Paddle boats go at minimal speeds and are safe for the whole family, although it is still a good idea to supervise younger children.
  2. A paddle boat is a watercraft driven by a wheel with large, flat surfaces extending perpendicularly from the center of the wheel. When the wheel spins, the flat surfaces, or "paddles," push the boat along. There is a lever between the two seats, which controls the rudder. The rudder controls the steering of the paddle boat. When you paddle more on one side, the water resistance can change the direction the paddle boat travels.
  3. All paddle boats are designed to have a maximum speed. This maximum speed is usually only a couple miles per hour, which makes the paddle boat safe for the whole family. When you reach the maximum speed, it no longer matters how fast you pump the pedals. You will not make the paddle boat go faster. 
  4. Paddle boats are designed in a safe way to let a family have nearly complete control of the vessel. The boat is so simply designed it makes a family feel like they are safe and in control of the watercraft. This is the beauty of the paddle boat. It is safe and fun.



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