How To Do Paper Piercing

The basics of how to do paper piercing is an age old technique used in scrap booking. Paper piercing involves piercing a pattern of an accent out of pieces of card stock or patterned paper and combining them to form an image. To make the small pierced holes, a paper piercing tool can be purchased or a similar tool can be made from home using a needle. The small holes can be placed on the edges of greeting cards, as a decorative effect to rubber stamping or for various other projects.

Learning how to do paper piercing is quite simple and requires only a few essential materials. You will need a piercing mat, piercing tool (needle) and paper. Unless you want to pierce free hand, you will also need a pattern. It’s best to start with a simple shape such as a triangle or heart.

How to do paper piercing

  1. Select a pattern The pattern can range in complexity such as basic shapes, cartoon characters, outline of animals or a combination of these.
  2. Select a card stock or paper Card stock is a popular choice for those first learning how to do paper piercing as its durable and resilient. Patterned paper can be used to give the project color and decorative details.
  3. Place the card stock/paper onto a piercing pad A piercing pad can be purchased or substituted with an old computer mouse pad or foam. Use clear tape to secure the pattern on the piercing pad.    
  4. Use the piercing tool to pierce The final step on how to do a paper piercing is to piercing holes to form your pattern. Use your piercing tool or needle to pierce holes through the card stock or patterned paper. Remove the tape and pattern.

These are the basic steps to creating a paper piercing. Learning how to do a paper piercing may take some practice but beautiful creations can be created from this skill.

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